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Pair of Reversible Calorie Snipers Wristbands

 5.99  3.99

These Limited Edition Calorie Snipers Wrist bands have only ever been available at one of my live attendee events, or if you were lucky enough to win on one of my online competitions! But, for this weekend only you can now pick up a par!

Grab a pair of these wrist bands for this weekend only!

On the outward side the text says (in embossed in white on one and on the other in black).

On the reverse side he mantra reads “I AM CONSISTENT – LIMITED EDITION – I DO THE WORK

When you wear the wrist band, you turn the dark one inside out, revealing the mantra above. This will activate your BEAST MODE when you’re doing your workout! (Well, it does for me, anyhow! No guarantees it will for you, but if you believe it will, then…)

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