Sale! Motivational Support Phone Call
Motivational Support Phone Call

Losing Steam and Motivation?

Speak With Kevin One On One and Get the Kick in the Ass you Know You Need To Get Back on Track!


I've heard all the excuses and that's just coming from myself!

  • there are not enough hours in the day
  • the kids are sick and I can't find the time to get to the gym
  • there's nothing in the fridge healthy to eat so I just ordered a pizza (and garlic bread and wedges)
  • the cakes looked too good
  • everyone was eating it
  • the food was free and I didn't think it would cause me to fall off the wagon!
  • but sure it's a wedding, you gotta live a little, right?

But Why Should You Listen To Me?

I've been trying to lose weight for YEARS. I've lost count at this stage but I do know that I used every excuse I could think of to not follow through on my weight loss and gym commitments. That is until I finally figured out my problem. I wasn't losing weight for the right reasons, I was trying to do it just like everyone else, and failed just like everyone else, too! The reason is because my WHY wasn't strong enough - the reason why I wanted to get in shape.   And that's what this kick ass phone call is all about - figuring out your why and leaving this call motivated so as you'll know you that you will succeed, you just need to make sure you're committed.   The pictures below showing my transformation didn't happen overnight, but they happened with consistency and focus. That's where most people lack. They feel great going to the gym for a few weeks but quickly lose interest... then stop going and revert back to where they were three weeks prior, and soon the weight comes back on and then some.  

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My 100% Same Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident in my motivational call and how I can help get you motivated that if you do NOT get any inspiration, motivation or results from our time on the phone together, then I've obviously done something wrong. Therefore simply drop me a line in and let me know where I messed up and I'll give you your money back!           Please note by purchasing, you understand that Kevin is not a registered councillor or therapist of any kind.

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